A drawn map of where my grandmother lived
English, Poetry

“Where are you from?”

In 2017, I wrote and edited creative responses to that question – as part of the project 26 Memory Maps.

As Neil Baker explains on the 26 website, the project revolved around the following challenge:

First, create a “Memory Map” of the place you are from. It might be a rubbish pencil sketch with little artistic merit. Or a beautifully crafted topographical masterwork. Either way, it will be fascinating – because it is uniquely yours.

Second, write a “memoir” about that place. To provide a focusing constraint, it must be exactly 150 words. Many of the writers also recorded a reading of their work.

Third, tell us about your creation journey. How did you find the map-making and memoir-writing process? This must be exactly 100 words.

And as a creative variation…. if you like, sit with someone else and make their map instead. Then write their memoir.

View the entire project here — or read my contribution here.


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