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Revealed: 18 questions that will help me find my life’s purpose, according to the internet

(a 2-minute read)

Closet, water closet — how are they related?
Why are all perfectly organised wardrobes monochrome?
What’s an easy way to make pinch pleat curtains?

How normal are my opinions on the chocolate that comes in chocolate boxes?
How to clean a litter box and keep it odour free?
How do I speed up the decluttering process?

How to know if I’m paranoid?
What is bitcoin and how do I buy it?
How to make slime?

Where am I right now?
What Manhattan neighbourhood is right for me based on my taste in food?
Why should I be extra nice to a new Mum?

Would I rather skip dinner or dessert?
Why are people who shower at night the right ones?
What historical event happened on my birthday?

What TV show ending annoyed the hell out of me?
Can I name the Jake Gyllenhall movie from just one screenshot?
Am I actually creative?


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