English, Poetry


waking between purple sheets
their careful conditioned softness
all these years after mother 
brought them home like a prize

for her new purple bedroom 
where she slept with trepidation 
in the 1990s
while we were never feeling bored

in new starry bedrooms of our own
with endless possibilities 
of dressing up in thoughts 
and rearranging the furniture

last night I dreamt that I would get to be
the creature I was always meant to be
Now I wake in those sheets as she did at my age
life starts to look universal

friends keep telling me to ask 
the universe for things, to tell it

I’m ready
to trust the universe

is like puff pastry, to peel
layer after layer of purple sheets, fragrant
with the endless possibilities 
of rearranging the future

inspired by the Pet Shop Boys


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